2021 Recap and a Look Ahead to 2022

What a Year…

It’s been an exciting, chaotic, and productive year at Anatha. As we enter the fourth quarter of 2021, we wanted to take a moment to pause and update you on our accomplishments from this past year that we’re most excited about and share what we have on the roadmap for 2022.

We also need to take this opportunity to express how fortunate we’ve been in bringing some incredibly talented designers and engineers to our team this year. If you’ve been around since 2020, you’ve seen how far the Anatha app has come in terms of performance, usability, and new features. If you haven’t seen our wallet application, check it out after you’re done reading.

This summer, we launched our mobile app, which is available on the Apple and Android app stores. Three months later, we’re proud to be supporting over 2,500 users who’ve registered over 24,000 HRAs (usernames) on the Anatha network. But perhaps the most exciting metric of all, the Anatha network has accumulated over $10,500,000 in rewards that will be distributed to HRA holders on October 1st.

This date is a huge milestone for our project because it marks the end of our initial one-year rewards lockup period and the start of our Torus (HRA rewards) functioning as a universal UBI (after the first year’s cumulative rewards are distributed on October 1st, going forward HRA rewards will be distributed to HRA holders every block, about every 5 minutes).

Currently, holding an HRA earns you 2.79 ANATHA per day, or roughly $1 per day (at time of writing). Given that the extreme poverty line is defined by earning less than $1.99 per day, we’re proud of the progress we’ve made so far towards our core mission and are extremely motivated to further that progress by the expanding the impact of our Torus and broader ecosystem.

At the beginning of the summer, we also launched our public token sale making the native ANATHA token available for purchase. We also didn’t settle for just accepting common cryptos as payment methods. Instead, we partnered with Simplex to allow our community to purchase ANATHA using a credit card. (ANATHA can be purchased in app using credit-debit, ETH, or BTC.)

And just this month, we went live on the BHEX exchange, our first centralized exchange listing ( Edit: Due to new regulations in China, our listing is in the process of being transferred from BHEX’s centralized exchange to the cross-chain AMM (DEX). We’ll share updates about the timing of this transition as it unfolds.

And finally, we’re excited to announce that we’re nearing completion of our Stargate upgrade. Our engineers have been hard at work for the past few months to introduce the Cosmos Stargate upgrade to our network. Stargate brings major performance improvements to our blockchain and allows communication with other Cosmos-based chains. This interoperability, or as Cosmos calls it, inter-blockchain connectivity (IBC), allows us to expand the utility of the ANATHA token and give our users access to more tools and services, DeFi swaps and yield farming to name a few.

While each of these tools and services require further integrations, the Stargate upgrade is the foundation that makes the integrations possible.

What’s Next…

We have a big vision and have only just begun.

We have a long list of things we want to tackle next and an equally long wishlist from community members. When prioritizing what to focus on for 2022, we considered two perspectives. First, what can we achieve that will take us further in our mission to make a massive dent in global poverty? And second, what can we introduce to our ecosystem that furthers the utility of Anatha as a financial network that feeds value to the Anatha Torus?

By introducing new products and services to our ecosystem, we aim to drive more adoption of both crypto enthusiasts and newcomers alike. In doing so, we drive more value to the Torus, which is then returned back to the Anatha users for whom a daily Torus reward is life-changing. In other words, the more DeFi users that trade on Anatha, the more transaction fees are fed into the Torus, and the more those in need — the impoverished and underserved members of our ecosystem — earn in Torus rewards. Hence, our secondary objective reinforces our first.

Spending ANATHA with a Debit Card
In addressing the first priority, there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle. Our network is live and distributing rewards. Our Anatha wallet app is available to people throughout the world. But how can people who desperately need our UBI actually spend it? Well, being able to spend it directly via a debit card would be pretty sweet, right? To make this happen, we’re partnering with a (secret, for now) banking services provider to offer Anatha users the ability to spend ANATHA using a debit card. Yeah… you heard that right. We’ll be announcing more details (launch date, supported countries, etc.) in January, once we near the end of the integration.

DeFi Utility
As mentioned above, despite catering to an audience of primarily speculators and traders, introducing DeFi tools and services on Anatha has a direct impact on our mission.

One of the first things we’ll be prioritizing for the coming year is integrating with a DEX (decentralized exchange). Listing ANATHA on a DEX will allow users to trade assets across chains with incredibly low fees. And again, access to these DeFi tools are only possible due to the work we’ve spent almost half of this year doing.

Wallet Features

Beyond debit card support and the introduction of DeFi tools and services, we’ll also be rolling out several new wallet features in the next year.

Before the end of 2021, we’ll be introducing a token sale referral feature, which will allow wallet users to share a code with friends and audiences. Whenever someone uses that code to create an account and complete an ANATHA purchase, the referrer receives 10% of the purchase amount in ANATHA tokens. (Referral is working now but the UI is not yet streamlined; you can refer people by sharing your ANATHA address or HRA with them; when they purchase ANATHA, they can add your address and you will receive 10% of that purchase.)

In the first quarter of 2022, we aim to release a robust notification system, including push notifications and an in-app notification center. We’ll leverage this notification feature to provide contextual guidance to users and communicate other useful messages like the status of pending transactions, notification when referrals are successful, and more.

In Q2 2022, we’ll be releasing the in-wallet HRA marketplace, which enables users to buy, sell, transfer, and bid on HRAs. As someone selling an HRA, you’ll be able to set a “buy now” price, or simply put an HRA up for auction with a closing date and let others place bids until the auction closes.

For the second half of the year, we have two exciting features slated. First, we aim to launch staking support in the Anatha wallet (for assets other than ANATHA). We’ll be announcing the specific assets that we’ll be adding staking support for in the coming months. We may even add new assets to the wallet… stay tuned.

Wrapping up the new wallet features planned for 2022, we’ll be extending our referral system to support rewards for HRA registrations, as well as introducing two-way Anatha-wAnatha swap.

NFT Marketplace
We’re excited to be working with some high-profile (and secret, for now) partners in the NFT space. Early in 2022, Anatha will launch our very own NFT Marketplace built on the Solana blockchain. Solana is a compelling blockchain due to its performance and scalability, and we believe that an NFT Marketplace is the perfect way to begin expanding the reach of Anatha’s ecosystem beyond Cosmos. With the launch of the NFT Marketplace, we’ll take a portion of the proceeds from marketplace activity (fees collected in SOL) to buy ANATHA at market price.

The Holy Grail of the Anatha Ecosystem: Social
If you’ve been a part of our community for long, you’re probably aware of our goal to introduce a decentralized social media platform to the Anatha ecosystem. Such a platform will open up an entire digital economy for content-based value creation and exchange, and in doing so will generate immense amounts of value for the Anatha Torus.

Many have tried and failed to create blockchain-based social media platforms. We’re taking our time to get it right — learning from those who have come before us and taking cues from our community and beyond to gather as much insight as possible.

It’s bound to be an exciting year ahead, and we look forward to having you on board the ride…Stay tuned to our social channels for updates as the year progresses!


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