We are continuously working to grow the Anatha ecosystem in ways that add both utility and real spendable value for the community. The more utility, the more value generated, the greater the Anatha bottom-up, regenerative UBI (Universal Basic Income) we call the Anatha Torus.

We are not just developing apps. We’re creating an entirely new kind of economy — a crypto sharing economy in which participants enjoy the value that they create. This is the roadmap to a fair, generous, and regenerative economy. 

Q4 2020

On Chain wAnatha to Anatha Swap (Desktop Wallet Only)

Mobile Submissions to Google Play and iOS stores

Nexus Torus Metrics Page

On-going Nexus Initiatives (Adding Tokens)

Q1 2021

Phase 0: Defiance Initiative Design

Interbeing Network Testing & Deployment Begins

On-going Nexus Initiatives (Adding Tokens, Emergency Recovery Testing)

On-chain HRA referral system

Phase 0: HRA Chat Functionality Design

Q2 2021

Phase 0: Blockparti Initiative Planning

Phase 1: Defiance Initiative Testing & Initial Deployment

PoS Dashboard (e-commerce platform) Deployment

On-going Nexus Initiatives (Adding Tokens, Staking Integrations, Smart Payments Testing)

Q3 2021

On-chain Two Way wAnatha < -- > Anatha swap  (Desktop/Mobile Wallet)

Phase 2: HRA Chat Functionality Alpha

Phase 1: Blockparti Initiative Design

Phase 2: Defiance Initiative Expansion (Interswap and AnathaDex Testing)

On-going Nexus Initiatives (Adding Tokens, HRA marketplace, Themes and UI marketplace)

Q4 2021

Anatha Branded Hardware Security Device Integration and Private Testing

Phase 0: Anatha Wallet Emergency Recovery Tool (Dead Man's Switch) 

Phase 0: Add DeFi Investment Integration Design (Uniswap V2, Pool Together, etc.)

Phase 0: Add Staking/Savings integration for other chains (Cosmos, Tezos, Tron, BAND, etc)

Phase 2: HRA Chat Functionality Beta

Anatha Point of Sale Dashboard (e-commerce)

Global Distribution via Master Contract automatically begins Oct 1st 2021