Q4 2020

On Chain wAnatha to Anatha Swap (Desktop Wallet Only)

Mobile Submissions to Google Play and iOS stores

Nexus Torus Metrics Page

On-going Nexus Initiatives (Adding Tokens)

Q1 2021

Phase 0: Defiance Initiative Design

Interbeing Network Testing & Deployment Begins

On-going Nexus Initiatives (Adding Tokens, Emergency Recovery Testing)

On-chain HRA referral system

Phase 0: HRA Chat Functionality Design

Q2 2021

Phase 0: Blockparti Initiative Planning

Phase 1: Defiance Initiative Testing & Initial Deployment

PoS Dashboard (e-commerce platform) Deployment

On-going Nexus Initiatives (Adding Tokens, Staking Integrations, Smart Payments Testing)

Q3 2021

On-chain Two Way wAnatha < -- > Anatha swap  (Desktop/Mobile Wallet)

Phase 2: HRA Chat Functionality Alpha

Phase 1: Blockparti Initiative Design

Phase 2: Defiance Initiative Expansion (Interswap and AnathaDex Testing)

On-going Nexus Initiatives (Adding Tokens, HRA marketplace, Themes and UI marketplace)

Q4 2021

Anatha Branded Hardware Security Device Integration and Private Testing

Phase 0: Anatha Wallet Emergency Recovery Tool (Dead Man's Switch) 

Phase 0: Add DeFi Investment Integration Design (Uniswap V2, Pool Together, etc.)

Phase 0: Add Staking/Savings integration for other chains (Cosmos, Tezos, Tron, BAND, etc)

Phase 2: HRA Chat Functionality Beta

Anatha Point of Sale Dashboard (e-commerce)

Global Distribution via Master Contract automatically begins Oct 1st 2021