What it is and how it
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    Meet Edward DeLeon - an outspoken crypto-economist, early bitcoin investor and Founder of Anatha. With a background in traditional finance and crypto journalism, Edward has contributed to 18 of the top 20 ICOs of all time and advised governments on cryptoeconomics.

02Why Cryptocurrency Matters

We already have the tools and technology in place to rewrite the rules of our economic systems. That’s where crypto comes in.

03Cryptocurrency Today

Cryptocurrency is one of the fastest growing assets in the world. Find out why it’s not going anywhere.

04Libracoin and Decentralization

What’s the difference between cryptocurrency and digital money? It’s both simple and complicated. Edward helps explain.

05Multiple Currencies

On the surface, the cryptocurrency market feels crowded and complex. Edward discusses why this is healthy (competition is good) and how it will become much simpler for the everyday user.

06DeFi and Disintermediation

Cryptocurrency is a product of the Decentralized Finance movement which will ultimately host a range of industries from insurance to commerce to money lending.

07DeFi Efficiency Freedom

Cryptocurrency frees us from rent-seeking middlemen who are at the center of our commercial banking. It removes waste from the flow of money.

08Dawn of the Information Age

It helps to think about Cryptocurrency as the next phase of the Information Age. Edward walks us through how this phase is unfolding and why it is inevitable.

09Structural Violence

Limiting access to assets, resources, and trade is an example of how a closed financial system can cause harm. Edward discusses how open, accessible systems help people flourish.

10Structural Flourishing

Creating economic systems designed to help people flourish has the potential to uplift millions.

11Sovereignty and Privacy

Your personal data and attention are not the property of a social media company. Microtransactions can help us reclaim our actions and value.

12Digital Personhood

Participation in cryptocurrency doesn’t require a driver's licence or other government-issue paper. It simply requires a connection, no matter who you or where you come from.

13Democracy and the Blockchain

Banking the unbanked is not just a vision or a policy. It’s something that can be written into the code of an economic system.

14Cryptocurrency in Action

Cryptocurrency is like programmable money. Edward encourages people to choose one that is aligned with your beliefs.

15The Future of Cryptocurrency

When a technology first emerges, people push back. Edward discusses how some of the lessons learned from early digital money can guide us today.

16How to Enter the Realm of Crypto

Edward explores the options for participation in cryptocurrency – from dipping your toe to being a “power user.” Caution: Be wary of traditional banking models posing as crypto.

Cryptocurrency and non-national digital money are going to dwarf the impact that the Internet has had.

Cryptocurrency and non-national digital money are going to dwarf the impact that the Internet has had.

Cryptocurrency and non-national digital money are going to dwarf the impact that the Internet has had.

Cryptocurrency and non-national digital money are going to dwarf the impact that the Internet has had.






ANATHA is cryptocurrency powered by and for people.

ANATHA is a new kind of cryptocurrency built on the radical belief that economic systems should serve everyone. We connect people to value on a platform that is 100% accessible to 100% of everybody. Our goal is to create a regenerative universal basic income that elevates all participants above the global poverty line.


As more people buy and use ANATHA tokens, more value is created for everybody on the network.

Together, let’s create tangible solutions to systemic global problems.


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