Pay with Fiat or Crypto: Anatha Announces Its Accessible, Equitable Public Token Sale (Starting June 15)


On June 15, 2021, Anatha will launch a public sale of its native token, ANATHA (as well as the launch of our mobile app on both iOS or Android). We are excited to be one of the first sales to accept credit and debit cards at the outset — with a $25,000 limit, the highest ever — in addition to ETH and BTC. We believe accepting fiat is essential to making our network, and the transformative power of decentralization, accessible to as many people as possible.

Because we don’t believe crypto is just an asset: it is a radical technology that can and will fundamentally change the world — and, in fact, already is. After all, money and economic systems are the protocol layer of any society allowing for the distribution and expression of value, division and diversification of labor, as well as the management of wealth.

As the transformative technologies we call blockchain and cryptocurrency expand, they allow anyone to create new and exciting economic ecosystems which, in turn, open the door to the possibility of realigning our entire civilization to be more congruent with our collective belief about the way the world should be.

Why Anatha?

At Anatha, we are aiming high, leveraging these technologies to eliminate global poverty. Ambitious? Sure. But here’s the thing: cryptocurrency makes it eminently possible. Here’s how.

  • Today, information — your personal data, attention, and engagement — is the most valued asset in the world. But, in our present economic design, all that value flows to the top of corporations, into companies like Facebook and Google who then extract value from your data and keep it for themselves.
  • Anatha changes this from the ground up as the value generated by people’s activity on our network flows back to them. This is not value “we” dispense. This is value that flows to network participants continuously and automatically according to the base layer protocol of the Anatha Network. After all, it is their activity that generates the value. So shouldn’t they — shouldn’t you — share in that value?
  • 50% of all network value, as well as 25% of the inflation model, goes directly to all holders of an Anatha HRA (@name or aka a “human readable address”).
  • The goal of this economic design is to create a bottom-up, regenerative, self-sustaining UBI that can elevate every network participant above the global poverty line.
A Different Kind of Token Sale: Accessible & Equitable

Our token sale is different than most.

We accept fiat payments via credit/debit card. This lowers the crypto barrier to entry, making our network, and crypto in general, more accessible to more people around the world. Through our partner, Simplex, people can use their credit/debit cards to buy up to $25,000 of ANATHA, the highest limit ever.

We are selling 98% of the total token supply, keeping only 2% for bonuses, bounties, and future partners.

This sale is ongoing. This is not a limited window for crypto “insiders”; it’s a sale meant to reach everyone, everywhere — which is why the initial total supply is over 7.8B: one ANATHA for everyone on the planet.

What is the ANATHA token?
  • ANATHA lets people register an HRA (@name or human readable address) within our application, the Anatha Nexus — which, today, includes an omniwallet as well as a rewards system, called the Anatha Torus, that continuously distributes value generated on the network back to all HRA holders.
  • One ANATHA = One year subscription of an HRA. (You can register as many as you like.)
  • An Anatha HRA lets you send and receive all the tokens we support with your simple @name — easy to say, easy to spell, making adoption that much simpler. (Note: at the moment, your HRA only works within our application. But, over time, the goal is to have more and more projects leverage our HRA API, thereby creating an interoperable protocol that simplifies the sending and receiving of all cryptocurrencies.)
  • The Anatha HRA is different than most in that it is a simple @name — no extensions required. And unlike some name registries, an Anatha HRA is affordable and readily accessible.
  • More importantly, once you register an HRA, you automatically participate in the Anatha Torus, our economic distribution model in which all HRA holders receive rewards in the form of ANATHA tokens.
  • Going forward, there will be new modules and features — including a decentralized exchange (DEX) and social features — that will generate more value as well as greater everyday utility. See our Roadmap.
How to Buy ANATHA

There are two ways to purchase tokens:

  • Directly through our elegant web dashboard using ETH or BTC > (starting June 15)
  • Directly through the Anatha Nexus, our desktop and, on June 15, our mobile application (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android) using a credit/debit card, ETH, or BTC. (Download here or through the App Store or Google Play).
ANATHA Token Sale Details
  • Total ANATHA Token Supply: *7.897B
  • Tokens in Sale: 98% of total (only 2% is being kept in reserve for bonuses, bounties, and new partners)
  • Start Date: June 15, 2021
  • End date: Ongoing
  • Inflation rate: **1% per annum. New tokens will be minted daily at a rate of 0.0028% of the total supply, where [ ( 1 + daily inflation rate ) ^ 365.25 = annual inflation rate ]
    **Number chosen to mirror the current human population. **1% was selected to mirror the projected average global human population growth rate over the next 25 years.
  • Newly minted tokens are not sold. They are distributed daily:
  • 50%: Network Validator Reward Pool (NVRP)
  • 25%: HRA Holders ($ANATHA Token holders who have registered their “screenname” on the network, such as “@human” “@samatha”)
  • 12.5%: Developer Fund
  • 12.5%: Security Token Holders (No security token is being sold whatsoever during this Event.)


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